Wednesday, March 3, 2010

Acceptable Lifestyle according to...

???? Where do I start? I hear this and I hear that about the way a Christian is supposed to be. I dig in my Bible and ask Father God, "what is Your Will"? God begins to show me things that I never would have even thought of had it not been for Him showing them to me in His ultimate wisdom. So here it goes...what is a Christian to look like? Of course the obvious answer is like Christ. What a simple jump to conclusion we have just made. I could end this blog right here, BUT it doesn't end here. How do I become like Christ? Jesus made a challenging statement in Matthew chapter 5.

Be ye therefore perfect, even as your Father in heaven is perfect. Matthew 5:48

Well, well, well. How in the world do I become perfect? First and foremost God has declared us righteous because of Christ's sacrifice. He has not made us righteous yet. We still live in a sinful body and still deal the sinful desires at times. But Jesus said "be perfect". What does this mean. I have beat my head against the wall and finally I asked God what it takes to do it. He began to show me and is continuing to do so. To claim Christianity and half-heartedly live it, I believe is blasphemy and disgraces Him. Jesus didn't give His life so we could add Him as an attachment or accessory to our life. He becomes our life daily until we meet Him. This is a life long process of growing in holiness. We do this through His strength. If you were to follow me around with a still shot camera, you could point out some things that were disobedient. If you were to follow me around with a movie camera then you would see that my obedience outweighs my disobedience. I am being honest. I am not perfect by any means but Jesus does challenge me to be.

When doing God's Will and His Kingdom are the the first things on my mind then my first impression is to seek His Will. Jesus prayed "not My Will, but Your Will."
This is one of the first few "steps" God has shown me that it takes to strive for His perfection!

Not perfect yet,
David Stapp