Friday, December 18, 2009

Christmas time again?

Christmas Time Thoughts From Stapp

1) Well, here we go. Another year gone by and Christmas is already here again. What to get people, what to buy? Present buying plagues the country every year. Debt goes up and morals go down. All because it is Jesus' birthday...right? Come on, Jesus is the reason for the season. My T-Shirt says so. Let me get this straight. Jesus is the reason we go into debt buying folks crap they don't need. Sure the motives maybe a giving attitude. Does that justify us scrambling around, elbowing people at walmart so we can get someone the lastest and greatest idols we can find? Sure it does for most folks because it is Jesus' birthday, remember.

2) Keep Christ in Christmas. This seems to be a legitamate arguement from people who very well may be great Christians and those that claim to be Christians. The only problem is the ones who complain people trying to take Christ out of Christmas are people you can't find in church on Sunday except on Christmas. Adamant and insistent on keeping Christ in Christmas but don't mention Christ as the Lord of their no no.

3) I recently saw a commercial about a small town. The commercial advertised to spend Christmas with them. In the advertisement was lights, decorations, santa clauses, snowmen, and giftshops. There was not mention of Christ whatsoever! Santa clause here, santa clause there. Good grief. Kids sitting in his lap. Looks to me that santa clause is what it is about.

4) Last thought, I promise. All this hustle and bustle we do wrapped up in a name that includes Christ pretty much sums it up. None of these celebrations or traditions were mentioned in the Bible. Jesus, the name above all names under which men shall be saved (Acts 4:12). Do you think that a Holy God wants His Son Jesus Christ associated with such rituals? I seriously doubt it.

This is just a few convictions God has laid no my heart as far as empty traditions go. Sure there isn't nothing wrong with getting together and celebrating the birth of our Savior, but let's take a deeper look at really why we do things.

Merry...The birth of our Lord and Savior who is not a baby anymore!

David Stapp